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Split Polarity

Get ready Scientists, things are about to get crazy! The atoms have become unstable, so it's your job to guide the highly volatile particles into the black holes. Play against friends in local multiplayer in Versus Mode, or attempt a high score in the Labyrinth.

Developed by BallBois, published by InkForge Studios

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A-MAZE-ing fun!

Play the game that all scientists have been craving! This science-puzzle arcade game is a-TOM of fun!

Screenshot 1.png

Versus mode!

Compete against friends in good old fashioned arcade chaos! Race to get your Antimatter score high as possible, before the atoms become unstable!

Screenshot 3.png

Labyrinth mode!

Or try out the single player Labyrinth mode! Race against the clock to rack up Quarks, avoid exploding atoms, and brag to all your science friends! 

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