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Rhythm Reunion

The band is getting back together! Haven't you heard?! 'Summer Vacation' is reuniting for one last gig! Take part in this artistically diverse visual novel as you explore the new lives of each of the old band members, all whilst you convince each of them to return to the lime light!

2024-01-29 17-48-21.mp4.00_02_33_13.Still001.png

An artistic Visual-Novel!

Try to put together an eclectic band from years passed! Each member is made in their own distinct artstyle, reflecting their own personalities.

2024-01-29 17-43-54.mp4.00_02_05_39.Still003.png

Branching Dialogue!

Take part in a branching-dialogue narrative adventure, as you have to figure out how to bring this band back together! The path forward may not be so easy...

2024-01-29 17-48-21.mp4.00_05_51_27.Still002.png

Original Soundtrack!

An entirely original Soundtrack, made by the incredibly talented composer Snosm! Each character also has their own track to reflect their instrument, so no two characters feel alike.

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